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Adrian Izanhour
Jo Washington's Izanhours’ Partner and Senior Designer

Izanhour Design is a five star rated and accredited interior design studio based in Los Angeles, CA. Founder and Design Principal Adrian Izanhour, brings his wealth of design experience and artistic sensibilities to the medium of interior design. His background in the arts extends to mixed media sculpture, decorative painting, and a career as an high fashion model. Izanhours’ Partner and Senior Designer Jo Washington's extensive design background spans the textile, pattern design, fashion knitwear design, and the luxury paint and wallpaper industries. Together, Adrian and Jo have combined their talents to create inimitable carefully curated spaces ranging from private residences to premium hospitality projects. The Izanhour Design team excels at creating eclectic and innovative interiors for truly unforgettable living. 

Recent Press

Recent Press of Adrian Izanhour
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